Friday, 6 May 2016

How to Celebrate Spring in Leeds and Make the Most of Your Sunny Getaway by the River Aire

Here it is - springtime! Sun, warmth and going out with no woolly coat on are the three indicators that spring has finally arrived – and that there is a life outside, different to wrapping up in a blanket, sat by the fireplace. Exciting, right? If just like us, you’ve spent the entire winter waiting for this moment, you’ve come to the right place.

What you need during this sunnier period is a getaway to celebrate the closest thing we’ve had to summer for months. So why not head to beautiful Leeds? The Northern city has everything you’re seeking and more –get ready to discover it all.

Now, get rid of that slightly sad, winter mood and welcome this mild season by exploring the outdoors activities and venues Leeds offers you. From beer gardens to trendy rooftop bars and picturesque stops along the River Aire, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable spring stay in Yorkshire… We’re listing our best tips for you to make the most of your trip! Follow our guide and get ready to join the cool kids of Leeds…

Start With an Al Fresco Breakfast

When waking up to springtime in Leeds, you won’t want to waste a minute of those sunrays piercing the clouds. Jump into whatever clothes you find first in your suitcase and head to Moments Café for a typical English breakfast out on the terrace. If the weather is typically UN-English, you’ll have the joy of a traditional British start but with the weather of our continental neighbours! Enjoy the restaurant’s tasty meals on elegant, trendy wooden tables whilst soaking up the much-awaited sun on your skin.
Once your beans, sausage and bacon are polished off, it’s time to start wandering the streets and open spaces of Leeds. The best way to do it, whilst enjoy a bit of nature, is to follow the Leeds & Liverpool canal which passes by the city centre and goes further out into the countryside. It is mostly paved and easy to walk on, whether there’s just two of you or you’re visiting with children and a buggy. You’ll have outstanding views on the town’s old, red brick buildings depicting the architectural style of the region. You’ll walk under century-old bridges built from stone and ornate with blue and red fencing. On the way, you can stop at the Calls Landing bar for a well-deserved beer and snack.
Boasting an ideal location on the river, Calls Landing offers an outstanding array of craft ales, delicious stews and fresh oysters. The colourful interiors are arranged with vintage furniture, mixing wooden tables, leather sofas and brightly coloured 70s-style chairs. On the walls, old postcards and school maps add to the retro feel. Head to the balcony for a secluded meal,  sitting on a bench facing the river with someone you love. We advise you to try the Lamb Hot Pot, slowly cooked with carrots, bacon, mushrooms and new potatoes in a red wine, minted gravy. Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds.

End With Drinks on a Rooftop

After an afternoon enjoying the sun and warmer temperatures, whilst looking at the barges pass along the Aire, it’s time for a last stop before getting back to the hotel. Angelica’s bar is located in the centre of Leeds, on Boar lane. The simplistic interiors are illuminated by vast windows, candles and is finished with a modern style of furniture.
Relax on the white sofas of the rooftop terrace and enjoy a potent cocktail whilst admiring the city from above. It’s hard to choose from the extensive cocktail list but favourites include:  Beyond the Sky, a fresh lemon, cranberry and Amaretto cocktail, and the Angelica House Punch for a true taste of pre-summer whilst watching the sun set over the Northern city. If you’re hungry after your busy day, the restaurant offers a delicious menu, served until 10pm. Order confit of Gressingham duck leg or langoustines and café de Paris butter sauce for a great end to your trip… you’ll beback at 42 The Calls within a 5 minute stroll through Leeds’ most lively district…

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